Jignesh Dada is well known for his spiritual bhagwat kathas. His performances take the audience on an immersive spiritual journey with songs such as Damodar Stotra, Muj Dware Thi O Pankhida etc. Keep Visiting YTMp4 For Singer Review

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1. Dwarika No Nath Maro Raja Ranchod Che

Jignesh Dada hails from Amreli, Gujarat. As a religious speaker and promoter of Lord Krishna’s message, he regularly uploads bhajan videos onto his YouTube channel – including songs such as Dwarika No Nath Maro Raja Ranchod Che.

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2. Damodar Stotra

This stotra on Lord Krishna is known as Balmukund Astakam and provides spiritual upliftment through music and listening to it can give peace and make your life happier.

This stotra contains devotional, philosophical and uplifting slokas that can help one live a happy and peaceful life. Listening to it should be on everyone’s agenda!

Devarsi Narada and other munis are known to humbly present themselves before Lord Visnu, who happily rests upon His couch. As a form of worship they constantly chant the names of Govinda, Damodara and Madhava in order to attain spiritual forms similar to His.

3. Tali Pado To Mara Ram Ni Re

Tali Pado To Mara Ram Ni Re is an iconic Gujarati Devotional Song performed by Kinjal Dave, with music composed by Mayur Nadiya. You can find lyrics of this popular devotional track here on Gujarati ETimes as well as watch this video to enjoy it – why not subscribe to our channel for more entertaining videos like this one!

Jignesh Dada Radhe Radhe is an energetic young religious speaker from Amreli District in Gujarat, India. Known for his Bhajans, Kirtans and Songs. With an intoxicating spiritual sound and large audiences attending his Katha Programs; some of his signature tunes include Ambo Akhand Bhuvan Thi Utaryo; Dwarika No Nath Maro Raja Ranchod Che; Kon Jani Sake Kal Ne Re and Rasiyo Rupalo Rangreliyo among many others.

4. Kon Jani Sake Kal Ne Re

Mira Ahir released Kon Jani Shake Kal Ne Re, released in 2021, as an inspiration song that could change lives – particularly, that of Kon Jani herself! Over one million views on YouTube alone has made this track popular with WhatsApp status videos and used for status videos.

Reason why Kon Jani is worth listening to is because it evokes such an inspiring tale about a girl overcoming her fear and finding courage to pursue her dreams. This song gives hope that anything can happen with hard work; its message will bring smiles to faces all around. So don’t delay; start listening now!

6. Ambo Akhand Bhuvan Thi Utaryo

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Jignesh Dada is a young Gujarati religious speaker or narrator from Amreli, Gujarat who is best known for narrating Shree Mad Bhagavat Saptah Live Katha Program across various cities and villages of Gujarat. Additionally he performs Dhun Kirtan Bhajan on stage as well.

His Katha Program has become an indispensable must-see for every Gujarati, while his Songs, Geet and Katha programs have gone viral on Lakshya TV Channel.

7. Dwarika No Nath Maro Raja

Jignesh Dada hails from Amreli District in Gujarat. Known for his Katha and Bhajan performances, his live programs can be seen in various cities and villages throughout Gujarat. He has become an idol among Gujaratis; spreading the message of spirituality among today’s youth generation with melodious spiritual songs like Dwarika No Nath Maro Raja Ranchod Che that has a BPM of 120 in G# Major key.

10. Kon Jani Shake Kal Ne Re

Jignesh Dada has become one of the most beloved figures among Gujaratis. He is widely recognized for performing Live Shrimad Bhagavat Katha, Bhajans and Dhuns in many cities and villages throughout Gujarat. People eagerly anticipate his programs during Katha programs; his bhajans create harmonious spiritual sounds. Jignesh has given performances for Shreemad Bhagavat Saptahs in several cities such as Rajkot, Surat, Amreli Derdi Kumbhaji Gondal Lamba among many other locations.

He is widely revered for his music, with its songs being performed by A R Rahman, Mani Sharma, Anirudh Ravichander and Devi Sri Prasad among many others. Additionally he is an accomplished dancer and actor; having featured in several films and plays. Most recently he made headlines with “Surya Sai” which will release later in 2021 and directed by Ramanandan Pillai with production handled by Madhur Bhandarkar; its soundtrack composed by Mira Ahir.

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