Farida Meer is a well-known Gujarati Bhajnik singer who has recently made headlines due to some personal controversies. Known for her sweet voice and creative personality, Farida Meer is well known for singing bhajans as well as having creative bhajan compositions of her own.

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1. Dam Dam Laheri Om Shiv Laheri

Farida Mir is a widely recognized Gujarati singer renowned for her soulful bhajans. Though Muslim by faith, many of Farida Mir’s songs feature Hindu deities. Through her words and melodies she has successfully brought people of different religious beliefs together through music.

Mir is known for writing many bhajans that celebrate gods and goddesses of various religions; this has earned her one of Gujarat’s top spots as a popular bhajan singer. Recently she made waves when she said that communal violence would diminish if everyone respect each other’s religions more.

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2. Bagdana Wala Bapa Dukhiyano

Farida Meer, known for her singing abilities in Gujarati films and as part of the Mir cast, has attracted considerable praise. Unfortunately, however, some people from her own community take offense at her religious choices: being Muslim while singing Hindu hymns may offend some conservative individuals.

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3. Ked Kato Lagyo

Farida Mir is a treasure of Gujarati culture. Her songs serve as an unwavering source of brotherhood and unity during periods of religious tension, being an inexhaustible source of motivation to young listeners alike. Farida has earned numerous hits throughout her career – an inspiration to young listeners today.

Although she hails from a Muslim background, she often sings Hindu hymns despite causing offense to some in her community. Yet her passion for music compels her to keep doing her art form.

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4. Ramjo Ramjo Maa

Ramjo Ramjo Maa is an upbeat song with plenty of energy that’s great for summer playlists or pool party mixes, or for workouts to keep yourself motivated and energized.

Farida Mir is an acclaimed Gujarati singer known for her unique singing style that she incorporates into her songs. Unfortunately, Farida often becomes embroiled in various controversies due to leading a highly public life.

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6. Zankar

On Navratri, she will once more delight young crowds at Forward High School in Amreli with her garba tunes amidst media scrutiny – but will she address recent controversies surrounding her?

Farida Mir is well-known across Gujarat for her singing. As part of the Mir community renowned for artistic pursuits, Farida often performs hymns that offend conservative individuals’ sensibilities.

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7. Khodiyar Chhe Jogmaya Mamadiya ni

Farida Mir is an esteemed Gujarati singer best known for her captivating voice and creative persona that shines through in movies and songs. Born in Porbandar with an undeniably distinctive look that sets her apart, Farida launched her singing career at an early age while receiving widespread acclaim from audiences worldwide for both acting skills as well as her singing talent.

She is well-known for chanting Hindu hymns that may not be approve of by some orthodox people; nonetheless, Farida Meer continues her passion for singing regardless of any opposition or criticism from orthodox individuals. You can access Farida Meer songs for free streaming on Wynk Music and create playlists to fit your mood – plus download them for offline listening if that suits better!

8. Hansa Raja

Hansa Mehta was a trailblazing feminist who used her personal choices as a platform to fight for women’s rights in India. She set an example for Indian women during independent India as a nationalist leader, social worker and the first woman Vice-Chancellor of a co-educational university.

She was also a gifted garba singer, entertaining young audiences during Navratri for nine nights by singing many popular songs such as Ramdevpirnu Vayak.

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9. Dam Dam Laheri Om Shiv Laheri

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10. Ked Kato Lagyo

As Shravana approaches, Farida Meer is making everyone dance with her latest releases. This Bhajnik singer is beloved among listeners due to her adaptive musical releases and unique voice that immediately enters listener hearts. You can easily listen to Farida Meer on Wynk Music where you will find songs in English, Hindi, Malayalam Punjabi Tamil Telugu. Customize playlists or even download them to enjoy offline. Keep listening and stay tuned!

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