The tabla, commonly referred to as the ‘twin drum’, is one of the world’s most beloved and versatile percussion instruments. Consisting of two drums (a bayan on the left and a dayan on the right), this instrument has played a vital role in both Indian classical music as well as numerous other world musical genres.

Xadeh Shah

Xadeh Shah is one of the hottest up-and-coming artists in Indian music. This multi-talented musician has already established themselves in this competitive field as a singer, rapper, entrepreneur, guitarist and more – performing at some of the best venues nationwide.

Shah has had to manage numerous challenges throughout his career; nevertheless, he continues to produce excellent results due to his impressive array of talents and ability to collaborate effectively with others.

At his craft, he’s so good he even has his own team! To keep things interesting, he continues expanding his musical horizons by working with musicians from varying genres and cultures; hopefully this will only serve to strengthen his talent!

Find out more about Xadeh Shah by reading about him in the following sections. You will learn his background, accomplishments and some handy hints on becoming the star of any show!

Prateek Kuhad

Prateek Kuhad, a multilingual Indian singer-songwriter and guitarist, has made waves in the music industry for more than a decade. A staple in India’s independent music scene, his haunting songs have amassed an international fan base.

Born into a Hindu Jat family in Jaipur city of India, Kuhad began learning guitar at 16 and completed high school education at Maharaja Sawai Man Singh Vidyalaya before traveling to New York University to study math and economics.

After graduating college, he moved to Delhi in pursuit of a full-time music career and issued two EPs before signing a record deal with Elektra Records of America in 2020.

Kuhad’s captivating repertoire of love ballads, slow jazz and indie pop was sure to capture the hearts and ears of his audience as he performed onstage. Lyrically and melodically his melodies conveyed authenticity and openness – elements which resonated strongly among his listeners.

At his performances, he displayed his talent using piano, acoustic guitar and percussion instruments he had brought with him to show. A truly amazing performer, his performances can enchant all ages around him.

His poignant lyrics have earned him an enormously loyal fan base amongst desi millennials, helping him achieve international renown and fame.

Kuhad has demonstrated how music transcends genre and culture boundaries through technology-facilitated musical composition, setting an impressive example for artists from India who previously were constrained by geographical or cultural borders.

Prateek Kuhad has garnered a cult following and excels at merging traditional Indian folk influences with Western-based styles to craft his unique sound. His debut release, In Tokens & Charms was critically acclaimed and earned him Best Indian Act accolades at 2016 MTV Europe Music Awards.

He’s a prime example of how young musicians can pioneer change and push boundaries; his soulful renditions have attracted an admirer base and even former President Barack Obama has included “Cold/mess” on his annual playlist as recognition.

Akanksha Grover

Akanksha Grover is an emerging independent artist that’s making waves in India with her revival of classical Indian music Baithhaks. By breaking away from industry stereotypes of musicians and revitalizing this genre of Indian classical music she is helping revive its magic and beauty for listeners across India.

She possesses extensive expertise in Hindustani Classical Vocal Music and continues to hone her craft. Additionally, she teaches classical vocals lessons to many eager students.

As part of her passion for music, Akanksha started the live show ‘Baithak by Akanksha’ which has quickly received an outstanding response. This musical performance features soulful performances by Akanksha while engaging with audiences through highly interactive means.

Her captivating performance skills and soulful voice have propelled her into the limelight, making her a household name in recent months. She has since performed live shows across India to build herself a name in its musical scene.

Akanksha not only performs but she is also teaching music to her students and recently opened her own institute in Delhi to spread her musical education further and carry forward Indian classical music’s legacy.

Even as an accomplished actor and singer, she remains extremely humble. She regularly volunteers her services for various projects as a prime example of modern-day philanthropy.

She recently shared an Instagram post featuring Mika Singh that has generated great anticipation on social media, prompting rumors of future collaboration between them. Fans are already anticipating an announcement.

She enjoys an impressive fan following and is an exceptional influencer. Her Instagram profile boasts over 1.7 million followers and her brand collaborations are well received by her audience. However, it is essential to check any social media influencer for fake or ghost followers before entering into any business partnership or collaboration agreements with them.


Nikitaa, born and raised in Mumbai, combines RnB, pop, South Asian music into her music to convey messages of empowerment, identity, authenticity and women’s rights. Her musical style also promotes equality for women.

“Satin” was co-produced with Cores (Solange, Gorgon City). This lovable love song draws together elements from her Punjabi-Indian heritage with smooth vocals and lush instrumentation that are sure to enchant listeners with its emotive narrative.

This song boasts an outstanding soundscape that fuses elements from Middle Eastern and Indian music with pop and RnB influences to produce a distinctively fresh sound. Additionally, its lyrics are charming while its rhythms pulsate wildly.

Nikitaa’s music draws upon her deep sense of spirituality to celebrate goddess pop, celebrating women and helping them realize their full potential. Her aim is to encourage women in reaching their true potentials.

She writes songs centered on the belief that women have everything within them to succeed if they work hard enough, with her upbeat music videos mirroring this notion.

Nikitaa strives to discover new creative avenues when producing her tracks, such as her recent release “On My Own”, a cathartic anthem for those feeling isolated or alone.

She can craft an intricate soundscape featuring Middle Eastern and Indian percussion, woodwinds and synths – creating the ideal way to capture an artist’s essence while making her songs accessible for all audiences.

Nikitaa is not only known for her musical talent but she is also renowned in legal matters, having worked with the UN International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals. Nikitaa takes great joy in helping people obtain optimal results in their family-based immigration cases.

Originating from Mumbai, India, she now resides in Los Angeles and blends South Asian and pop culture into her music, emphasizing self-love, empowerment and the value of individuality. Her unique approach to the genre reflects both her beliefs and those of her parents.

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